Professor in long lasting (sustainable) development has written about the world economy

I actually think that the Professor in long lasting development (hållbar utveckling) has some very good points in his analysis of the world economy in a debate article in todays By just calling something “green economy” doesn’t make it green. I happen to agree.
I also happen to agree that it is the states that must drive the long lasting development (hållbar utveckling) of mother Earth’s resources.

Adapting to a new way of life must start now. The state must drive that development with legislations and such. It is very simple and easy to legislate. Companies wanting to stay in the race must comply.

It is not long lasting to keep on consuming non renewable energy sources and materials. It is a fact. Non renewable sources for energy and materials would take millions of years to form and they will run out long before that. So that we could all agree upon. It is just stating the facts.

So instead of focus on consuming and developing bad things for us, all companies should drive the world to long lasting (hållbar utveckling) way of life. Just saying. Do it. It isn’t enough to talk. You need a plan.

I found another article on Sveriges Radio about the fact that we are consuming the planets resources to the extent that we would need more planets in order to sustain life. This is indeed a scary thought.

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