So what is the cartoonist agenda?

In Todays I read a Comic strip by Liv Strömqvist. It was named “Månadens moderat Februari…”. It is all about a fictive Moderat party member that is all for no subsidy for the poor. However that Moderat never says anything about subsidy for the rich, such as RUT- and ROT-avdrag and more, things that benefit the rich really. So the cartoonist writes arguments against it and takes quotes that the Moderat has done about welfare assistance and replaces the word with RUT-tax-deduction instead.

Well, what does she want to do with this? No matter what her agenda is, it can be used both ways. It is both propaganda for the rich that benefit from the Moderat politics, that will indeed increase the people that have everything to have even more. Reversed Robin Hood politics. Take from the poor and give to the rich, just like all the rich really need, don’t you think?

Then there is the other stand point, the poor or the semi-poor can see that they are really just making the rich richer. It is sad that the rich need RUT-avdrag should only be given to the poor and semi-poor? Or will the greedy rich then start having black work force (in Sweden the non tax paying work force are called black, since the colour black is really for “darkness”, “bad”, “criminal” and so forth, not to be mistaken for skin colour, so you all know). White work force includes everyone that works and pays taxes, so you get the drift that it is not about colour of skill. It is about illegal and legal money. Black is illegal and white is legal, when we are talking about money. Black is non taxed and white is taxed money.

Well. You can read the comic strip yourself. There are more stand points that you can take to the comic strip, this was just two of them.

Comic strips are also a way to visualise the world and power structures. You can also make comic strips to critic the world.

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