The new world order – Who are they?

This is a video on YouTube. I wrote a lot of this 1 hour video down. Here are some things said in this video. This is a interview with Rauni Kilde. She is an author of a book named “There is no death”. She is a medical doctor and has been married to military men.

It starts with the fact that our energy cannot die, we are energy beings. That means that we can be influenced by others, as well as we can influence other. Clair voyance is contact with the dead. A majority of the world population, over 67% have paranormal experiences, but they do not talk about them.

This video claims there is a new world order. This woman has attended meetings where paranormal has been talked about. She says that we have a new world order. We can call them the Illuminati, however in the other video she says that they are the billionaires and SIONists, but not jews in particular, they are just rich people. In the other video they say that if politicians do not do as they want they can get killed.

Who are they? The new world order? An american curnal has said. He has said they sabotage and harass.

On a meeting she attended there was an image of the New world order and the Star of David – the Illuminati symbol.

She says that CIA, FBI, British intelligence – are behind it and always has been behind the New world order.

She says that the people involved are police and military – and she says a big part of them are working against the people. She also says that parts of them are however still helping people and defending the people and the countries. From now on I have just written what has been said in the YouTube-video.

In this video it is said:

The video says that “they” are working against the people with field experiments. They have been doing it with field experimentation for a long while. The video says they have new weapons, and that the traces of these weapons are not detectable. The weapons are i.e. microwaves, radio waves and laser waves. They destroy our health and environment etcetera. He got good response, but the US says there are no such weapons. These weapons are said that they can take over anybody today. They experiment with mental patient without consent the video also suggests.
The video says that they now can take anybody. Especially single women. It is people who they know are bad deeds.
The video says that when someone has done something for them, like being i.e. a experiment they can be eliminated by having brain tumours, strokes, killed by a car, go down in a flight accident etcetera. They kill them. They are said to have so much power that is horrible.

Electromagnetic weapons – they can take that technology into super computers and they can attack your brain with these weapons this video suggests.

Already in 1801 the first mind control weapon was invented the author says. Electrodes to the brain is also being used since a long time ago for the first time. Everything coming out from the military is at least 50 years old. At least 2 generations old technology reaches the public according to this video.

She mentions that there already exists the first man in the world that operated an electrode into his mind so he could talk telephatically with his wife.

People just do not know about these technologies this video says. Mostly these technologies are used to to mind control people like robots according to this video.

It is also mentioned that Hollywood is totally under control and used. They just say the films are fiction, but a lot of the technologies are already available. This video explains and says that there are mind control with non lethal weapons. But even though they are supposed to be non lethal they can still kill people instantly.

This video claims that sickness i.e. Astma and bronchitis have gone up due to these weapons. It is said that they create these sicknesses to be able to control larger areas of people. So that people are controlled against their own will.

One regular way to control people is first to get them programmed to kill and then to shoot themselves, is a normal method to mind control. This is said to always be for political reasons and to affect public opinion.

An example is given about Finland. Finland was the only country voting against extended gun control. They do it only for hunting however. They hunt wild animals. Then there happens a shooting in a school. This way the public opinion changes and Finland wants more gun control. This video suggests it might have been a conspiracy. This video says it changes the politicians point of view. So this women’s theory is that this is done to change the politicians.

It is suggested that you always ask yourself:
Who benefits? That is how you know who is behind a message.

She believes that all politicians are just errand boys. They are controlled.

Who controls? This video says it is a very small group that are controlling this.

This video really is saying that our governments have no real power. We are controlled by data. So we are steered by data, not by people anymore. The data is making us to biological robots. Imagine us being implanted with a chip.

A MRI X-ray is a signal. You can prove that the chip has been implanted. New generations will be mind controlled. They will be mind controlled. Their opinion’s will be controlled. They can take all emotions into frequencies. They can make someone get a divorce.

This video says that your feelings make you always think it is your fault. People will blame themselves, even thought they might have been influenced by these technologies of mind control.

What parts of the society do they belong to?
This video claims that they belong to all systems i.e. health systems, military, police… all over the system. Insurance companies. Tax companies. Garbage. Conductors. Everywhere. Doctors. Dentists. Implant a lot. They can give an injection. Lawyers. Professors. Every sector is involved.

This video says that people in these systems do not even have to know that they are a part of this. They are just being told from someone they listen to “this is a bad person”. “This person is a threat to national security” or what ever. They can even make the people report everything the person says. These might be people that have understood that people are being manipulated. These people are seen as threats to the “New world order”.

This video claims they can use anyone, even people you would never think of. I.e. they can use handicapped people. They can use old women. People you do not know are spies. It is said to be a horrible system.

This video says that if we do not react we are going to be like biological robots. Politicians allow it.

She mentions that healing works. She explains that she was forbidden to write about it. She wrote about it 1989, an article of 30 pages. The article contained only accepted medical research done by Icelandic medical journals. She was not allowed to write about the healing effect of hands. Healing can effect others energy.

This video says that people do not understand it concerns their own future.

This video claims that people will be killed if they do not do things they should. People that know too much get people around them. She has been tortured by microwaves and in other ways. She has been hospitalised. She says they have tried to make her suffer.

She says they break into people’s houses. They steal stuff. This video claims that they do it all the time. The police do not even care about people who is being harassed.

She says they have broken into her house several times and there is nothing she can do, except than to open her mouth.

It starts with post that disappears. Emails missing. Electronics malfunctioning. Even neighbours can turn nasty to you by no reason at all. They lie and recruit people. They recruit people who have nothing to do. They recruit people that are poor. There are many reasons why people turn into spies. Everyone has different motivations.

This system has been officially presented in the US senate. This video claims that the highest politicians must be the targets. They are offered “microchips” on high positions, she mentions a politician offered a GPS-device, so that they can be found if kidnapped. That is really to be able to control them. Even if it is offered by free will, she says they probably implant in secret by using doctors, dentists and handshakes etcetera.

Nobody wants their child to be a biological robot. There is a frequency of love – why do they not tune in the frequency of love? Hate serves them better. This video claims that mind control affects you. But then in TV-programs there are mind control programs. Subliminal control of adults and children. They have done research on this and children have gotten epileptic attacks.

This video claims their plan is to eliminate 2/3 of the human population. This video suggests chemical war fare, electronic warfare as weapons.

This video claims that man made UFO:s exist. Holographic pictures exist. This technology may be used as a sign in any religion.

This video asks if we are going to be enslaved by these people? Only elite and slaves are interesting in a future world. Middle class that thinks are not interesting.

This video claims we live forever. What you have done cannot escape from this world.

She says we have enough food, if it is grown on local level. I am saying that we then have to live in high buildings, so we have land to grow on. Animals in the wild still need their areas. Without them life doesn’t functions. This I want to add to their conversation.

This video says that a prime minister’s just does what corporations want to, i.e. the oil rulers tell the prime minister, we need to rise the price of oil, and they just do it. She gives examples.

This video says many people say yes to the controlling groups in order to get rich and famous. They are in their control. There is power that do not want peace in the middle east. If there would be peace there would be no founding for a lot of people. Not all people want peace, due to economic reasons.

I am saying peace is possible, if you just refuse to use violent actions. You can choose the path of love. Opress the power of hate. You can. We all can, even if they try to mind control you.

This video says that when people wake up and understand they are slaves some can kill themselves, or get killed by a sickness or accident that “looks normal”. They that control can cause death. They have killer satellites. How do you fight against that? They say you cannot fight against such weapons.

Why do we even have to have electromagnetic weapons that affect the brain? Her suggestion is power.

This video claims power has poisoned those in power is my immediate reaction.

This video claims that there are really small microchips. There has been for a long time they say. Already in the 1950’s.

This video suggests that you should increase your knowledge. You should talk to your local politicians. Get something done. Legislations is one way. Just like I say. She is saying: LAWS! You can change the laws. Things can be forbidden.

This video claims everything is done in secret. The weapons are produced. The experiments are being done. The masses decide in the end. If a million people demonstrate – the power and energy of the masses affect the people they are saying.

I also say this – rings on the water. The chain-effect.

This video says that the technologies for mind control are integrated in “normal” products. The video suggests that you should look at the street lamps in the city. They are not all normal lamps. There are those street lamps can change frequencies and affect people she says. They change them to big, very strong lamps in poor communities.

Just one reflection I got was that perhaps some blog portals and those that increase traffic to sites are also parts of that system?

They are talking about the fact that signal towers for cell phones are often placed on hospitals and children schools and kindergartens. They cause brain tumours they are saying.

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Lord Langertz Film.

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