What is it like to be poor by Swedish standards in Sweden?

This women on YouTube talks about the system failure in Sweden for single parents. I have written some about what she is saying, so that you all may understand what she says.

How people cannot really manage on part-time salaries. I just want to add that many women in Sweden have part-time jobs. Why? This is the most common form of employment available for many women.

This women in this YouTube-video tells her story about the economic crises in 1990-1993 and in 2004, that affected her. I have also been affected by the economic crises those periods, so I can understand her story about not finding jobs and losing jobs.

She tells her story about being poor in Sweden. She talks about Arbetsförmedlingen’s attitude against unemployed. I have also met a poor attitude from Arbetsförmedlingen, it is very much dependent on where the agency is and who greets you. I will agree that I sometimes have met good people.

She talks of the fact of how she had to go from job to job. This way her story isn’t much different. Now she says that she has tried to find jobs for a while without success. She has done all the concepts and she has good merits and still she cannot get a job. I think it has been harder to find a real job since 2010, so even here I think that her story isn’t much different from many others I have met. I have also gone from job to job. She has applied for thousend’s of jobs.

She says that she has tried to talk to Arbetsmarknadsdepartementet and affect them. She has met others in the same position as her. Together they have given the Swedish politicians at Arbetsmarknadsdepartementet good suggestions and she says that the suggestions have been turned down with strange reasons like “they would be to popular solutions to the work politics in Sweden”. I am saying. How strange.

She says she is poor today and she isn’t ashamed. She isn’t ashamed of being in a system that does not help single parents. She has lived on a work market that hinders people from starting their own companies and get the right tools to get a job. I agree with her. If unemployed try to start companies, they lose their unemployment insurance. I also want to say that you also risk your own economy even trying, all welfare assistance safety lines are not made for those that start companies. I think that anyone should be able to start a company whilst unemployed. The unemployment insurance can be reduced when company makes revenue. This is not possible today.

She is proud that her brain still functions and that she is generous and warm-hearted. She is thankful her daughter is smart and wonderful. She still believes in the future. But she thinks that Swedish society doesn’t work anymore. Nothing is being done. The government act like clown’s she said. She says that Fredrik should try to live her life for a month. I think Fredrik, the Swedish state minister, should do that.

She is thankful she has phone and Internet. She wants the politicians to live her life for one month. I understand her life, I know what it is like to work in Sweden.

I understand her frustration over Fredrik Reinfeldt’s politics, I am too. She thinks that Sweden is run the wrong way. She isn’t alone. I am also thinking the same.

Update: She seems to have removed her YouTube-Clip, which is unfortunate.