A new TV-show in Finland upset the Finnish

According to Aftonbladet.se there is an ongoing debate in Finland about the Finnish population trying to get brainwashed by a new TV-program. The TV-program investigates the 600 years when Finland belonged to the Swedish authorities, according to the article.

According to Aftonbladet the TV-show is named “Suomi on ruotsalainen” (Freely translated it means that Finland is a Swede). I can understand how this can upset the Finnish population. It is like telling other former occupied countries that their nationality isn’t really theirs, even though they are not occupied anymore by foreign countries. In this case Finland and Sweden are neighbouring countries. It is not fun to hear that your nationality is like “fake”, like the name of the documentary series really is giving. Why didn’t they just name the series to “The 600 years of Swedish occupation of Finland” instead? That would have been more fair. Finland was taken by the Kings of Sweden. And then Swedish nobility was sent to guard the land in Finland. So I would consider that as when India was colonised by the English. The English went there to set up the government and so on. I think it was almost the same. India was then later non colonised, as the Finish where non Swedish. Finland was then occupied by the Russians for a while. Still parts of the land of Finland is occupied by Russia.

I am thinking of many borders that have changed over Centuries. Not just in Finland, but also in the middle east. There has been many wars over territory. There still are. Like I have said. Earth is limited in size. There is only one amount of land and that can change. When the sea level rises more land will be gone. Will this mean that some will want to wage war? Does that mean that lands that are flat will have a population that has to run to other countries? Well, that is a whole other story, but worth to prevent and think about.

Well, I can understand that the Finnish doesn’t like anyone saying that their land is really another type of citizen than Finnish. That is clearly very provocative. Just think about your neighbouring country. Now think that someone says your soil is really a citizen of the neighbouring country. Don’t you think it could very much upset them?

I can understand how they are upset, in the program they are showing the Swedish identity marks and symbolism of Swedish inheritance in the Finnish environment. They are talking about where do the symbols “Lions” come from? They are saying that the Lion symbol is from Sweden. Hmm. They are, in the TV-program, even talking about the fact that buildings are somewhat similar, but not yet totally the same. They are also talking about “huono itsetunto” (freely translated: bad self-awareness). Who wants to hear they have bad self-awareness??? Like the populations has that? What the? I can understand that this program provokes the Finnish population. Those that actually question how the program is portraying the Finnish inheritance of being occupied by Sweden for 600 years I think they are really hearing what the producers of the program really are saying. You can in fact say things in many ways. And this program is very provocative. There is a link to one of the programs down below.

The only truth is that Finland was occupied for 600 years by Swedish Kings.

Sources 20130119:


How the map has looked over the years:


What is Finland? If you do not know, surf into:


The program in question on YouTube  (It’s in Finnish and partly in Swedish):


Source: youtu.be/IO1_zO6H07g

The above link has been removed on YouTube, when checking this article the 2nd of May 2017), but at this date you can find the complete series from 2015 at YLE here:


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This is a funny film about the history of Finland. It is a cartoon, but the texts are written in Finish. Suomi means Finland. Venäjä means Russia. Routsi means Sweden. Sota means War. The images are self explaining, and I think that you understand the years anyways. I think they in a fun way show the history of Finland. The arm in the end symbolises the arm of Finland, the piece of land that Finland lost to Russia when gaining self independence.

Source: youtu.be/U4SaA9fXGAY

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