Making phone calls on Facebook is like letting the devil listening to your private stuff

Facebook is letting the users phone each other now, at least in Canada, according to Expressen. Since Facebook stores all your posts and so, even the one you deleted are stored for some time (the question how long is yet to be answered). So I am thinking Facebook will store all your calls too… if not now, then later.

Do you really want Facebook to act police, storage manager and censoring manager to your life?

Does this Facebook possibility open up for something else? Something dangerous (depends on your definition of it)? Do you want Facebook phones? Do you want Facebook to know what you buy and when you buy it? Just pay with Facebook credits… Hmmm….  A Facebook mobile phone would make it possible for Facebook to listen in to your everyday life (mobile phones can be listened into if you didn’t know, even when you are not making a phone call). And a mobile phone would make it possible for Facebook to know where you are. Also today there are already functions in mobile phones that make it possible to pay in the stores with that application technology. A Facebook phone could have that as well… really Facebook could very well be the corporation “ruling” the world. I hope not. There is however one solution. Leave Facebook. Meet people IRL instead.

Read more about Facebook offering calls to users here (20130106):—med-facebook/