I have applied for over a hundred jobs

I have made more than a hundred job applications prior to today. I don’t feel so much for the most of the jobs. I know nothing about the work places. I only know what the ad says they want. That is about it. The work places seldom really say what I really want to know. What type of leadership do they have? What are the colleagues like? What type of humor do people have? What kind of values do they have? Is the environment open or enclosed? What type of people are really working there? Even if I would ask I do not think that the answers always would be true. I think people do as they do on Facebook. They lie and give the perfect version of themselves. I don’t think that work applications are any truth to the persons either. I rather not say I am this or that. I say what I have done and if that is not good enough, then perhaps the place isn’t either?

The work ads are not really made the way I would like them to. I want to know about the place, what type of environment it is and what type of people work there. Then I would like to have the possibility to say no thank you without the government taking away the a-kassa(unemployment insurance). However at this point unemployed have to take a full-time offered job. Nobody is forced to take a part-time job according to the rules.

However the type of “work” mostly offered is trial employment, that really is a shitty form of employment. You have no rights. They do not even need to give you a reason if they do not want you anymore. On a project job they will have to pay you no matter what. Project jobs are a better form of employment.

The work market in Sweden isn’t easy. You have to be “lagom”, regular Joe or Anne are wanted. “Fit in” is the key word. In my world that is “play theater”. Social skills they call them, the skills that not all of us can meet, even though being nice, honest and reliable. Sweden doesn’t want that type of worker. You should all be molded into a certain shape and “fit in”. It is not an easy work market. It is not enough that you are nice or skilled, those are not the criteria on this work market.

Since it is very difficult to find a nice work place it would be better if the unemployed had sites on the net where they advertise their skills and the work places had to apply to them in order to get colleagues. This way the unemployed wouldn’t have to apply for jobs they do not get anyway. There are CV databases, but I am not talking about that. I am talking about another way of finding workers. Let the jobs come to the workers instead. Let the workers be able to say no. This would indeed change the balance I think.