Review of the movie Switch

I must start by saying: Thank you for making such a good movie. It is all about a women caught up in a faith that she really couldn’t help. One could think she was naive to get into this mess, but she was anything but naive. This is indeed a story about a women, a girl, who is all but a victim according to some American norms of a stupid blonde in some parody movies like Scream or something like that. This is a story about a strong, smart, intelligent women, not just mentally strong, but also intelligent. She is fast and rapid and really understands her environment fully. The story is complete and well done, as many French movies are. It is a story about someone framing you for something you haven’t done.

So I give this movie a strong four out of five big stars. I seldom give five stars, only a few movies over the years have gotten five from me. Solens rike (Empire of the sun) by Steven Spielberg is such a movie that I give five to, just so you understand what I think is a good movie.

If you feel like seeing a thriller with action, realistic portraits of people and women, then this is the movie for you. Lay all the blonde comments back into the closet and enjoy a smart, intelligent women that is woven into a strange reality. The main characters are played by Eric Cantona and Karine Vanesse. Katrine Vanesse makes a good performance of this strong and intelligent women.