I do not like smoking people that do not care for others

Smokers are often uncaring about their surroundings. They are so hooked up in their addiction that a smoke is more important than giving respect to their surroundings. Can we say I do not like smoking? If I have to smell the disgust of a smoker, then that is a uncaring human being. Such a smoker that doesn’t care about other people’s health doesn’t deserve other’s respect.

I share Madonnas thinking of smokers. I think they are uncaring when they smoke in my surroundings. In Expressen we can read about Madonna threatening to cancel the show when fans where smoking on the arena during her sound check.

I cannot eat surrounded by smokers. If smoking is allowed I leave the place. I rather eat at McDonald’s than eat at any fancy restaurant in the world where I have to sit around smokers. At McDonald’s smoking is always forbidden. In Sweden they made it illegal to smoke inside the restaurant. Still I cannot enjoy restaurants, since they allow it outdoors. The smell from outdoors often comes inside. I can die from smoking since I am allergic. I have had to take medication due to people smoking on ATM lines, bus lines and such. I think smoking should be forbidden everywhere except in special smoking areas. In air ports they have smoking booths, those are perfect and it does not smell outside them. Those actually work. I think smoking should only be allowed in such places in public areas. I also think smoking should be forbidden on balconies, outside work places etcetera. I have to pass the smokers on my way towards my work place.

Research has also shown that companies lose a lot of money and work hours on smokers. Smokers also cost the health care in smoke related sicknesses. Also smokers affect others, passive smoking can be even more dangerous than smoking, both dangerous and the cause for cancer. I actually think that people who have a significant other or children shouldn’t be allowed to smoke at the home or in the homes garden if the others are non smokers. I am pretty radical when it comes to smoking.

Smokers have made all my youth a living hell. If I wanted to party with my friends I was sick for a week afterwards, even if taking medication. I seldom went to restaurants due to the smoking problem. I do not like smokers that do not care. I don’t want to smell any smoke anywhere in the world.

Smoking is unnecessary and trees shouldn’t be cut down for that reason. Also smokers leave their waste just anywhere. They are a threat to nature and all life. Animals can eat the cigarettes, the cigarettes can cause fires that pollute the air, smokers are unfriendly to the environment. Smoking is unnecessary and would be forbidden in total if I was the ruler.

I think smokers that make others be passive smokers are murderers. Cancer kills. Smoking causes cancer.

I need a non smoking world as default. Just saying. I like Madonna for standing up for herself! GOOD!

No need saying – but as you understand I don’t think smoking is smart nor humane.

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