The benefits of being rich

If you are rich you can indeed lux your life up. If you are rich enough you might even stop working. For many celebrities it is a possibility, to give up fame and glory and be just retired. Some start working with charity, enjoy spending time with their family. Well, being unemployed isn’t really the same thing. In Sweden you are only allowed to work in charity if you did that prior to your unemployment. You cannot study any courses if you didn’t prior to your unemployment. Well, to say it, you are not allowed to do much. You are not allowed to leave the country without permit. You can expect a letter in the mail any day with the AF calling you to a meeting. If you do not have a legit reason for not being at the meeting you are unregistered. Also, you do not get much money when you are unemployed. If you have high income you won’t get any 80% like the ones that earn less do. Also, you have to apply for any job AF tells you too, even if you don’t want to. You can however argue against it, if it is a really bad match for a job you really cannot do, they usually will listen. If they agree, then you will not have to apply for the job. Sometimes they can accept your reasons. I haven’t had to apply for each job, but I had my reasons that where accepted. Well, there are many things like that when you are unemployed. You are a slave of the state. A way for the state to control the salaries, the inflation and such. Don’t think you are not important. Imagine how many people wouldn’t have jobs if there where no unemployed people. The irony is that there would be even more unemployed… or? Moment 22. Well.

I read an article about an actress and actor that where thinking of their retirements already. In my age… I know my retirement is far away in the future…. and even if I may be at home I still am a jail-bird at home. With little money and little freedom to really do anything except look for a job… so I cannot really compare my life to a retired millionaire… Hmm.. Not all of us have a millionaires freedom and possibility. If I was… I would help people.

I still help people, but in other ways. I also give to charity, but I cannot give as much as a millionaire. But even though my pockets might be smaller at times of unemployment I still try to help others worse off. After all, I have a good salary when working and a bad income when not working… Hmm…

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