Vinterdäck med dubb – JA TACK! Eller? Winter tires with dubs – Yes please! Or?

Winter tires with studs, yes please. I have that. I have it since I know the winters can be cold and icy. Also I have felt what ice can do to a car. I have once bupped into the car in front of me, even if I had real slow speed, enough space in between… but my car just glided into the other car… so yes I do prefer studs in the tires, even if it can make more particles in the air. But I don’t want to risk my or anyone elses life in traffic. Today there is a lot of snow outside and I am thankful there I have winter tires with studs a day like this. Of course, if I lived in Skåne, where snow seldom comes around even during the winter I would probably consider winter tires that are stud free. However, I live in a land where the weather is untrustworthy. One day 10 degrees and in the weekend -10 degrees. So I need to have clothes and equipment for both weathers!

However some say that stubs kill people in the city with bad air instead, however researchers say that stud free tires are just as dangerous in particles. It’s always like that, one says one thing and another says something else. They need to research it even more. Studs have been along for a long time. They need to make the non studied tires even safer before I dare using them. I want the brake path to be the same, when it is then I think it is worth considering. However if researchers find clearer facts about the benefits, then I have to reconsider. But at current they are not agreeing.

There is an article in the DN paper today, actually written by a Moderat. He is asking if we want to keep the “Nollvisionen” (zero vision of people killed in traffic) goal then winter tires are needed days like these. He gives facts that there is a 40 percent increase in lethality in accidents when people use cars with no studs. That is a lot. I can however feel the difference with studs and no studs when I drive a car. Enormous difference on slippery roads.

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