Have you seen the documentary about the pyramides yet?

I posted it yesterday. The film asks a lot of questions, but gives no answers, only clues.

Have you had time to see the documentary The revelation of the pyramids?

They are talking about the numbers speed of light, Pii and so on are integrated in the pyramid buildings and that the seven wonders of earth are linked. They also talk about images available by the pyramids. Of course it is a coincidence that my family has three of the horoscopes that the figures in the pyramid for the star constellations… missing one only. I have no idea who might be the fourth. I think its rather fun actually. It has to do with the 26 000 year long cycle around our sun. The scientists are talking about climate changes, magnetic pools and such. They are saying in the documentary that maybe it is a message from a long time ago.

I had a dream last year. The pyramids are a warning was my message. I also got a solution to why I do not have to worry about the polar shift. I think it made sense.

In the documentary they are talking about having a message from priests to future generations. And the documentary also stipulates the pyramids being a warning. The thing is I haven’t seen this video before. I think the pyramids are a warning. But there is a solution too. We need to get the earth in balance. We need to start living with the earth, not consume it and work against it. We do that today. We poison the soil. We are cruel to earth, animals and other humans. I think that we need to be in balance. The number five is balance. It’s the number in the middle of 1 and 9.
Think about it. Watch it. Think. Interpret. Search. Try to understand your role in it all. You are part of this world. We live here.
Do you think you die when you die? If you think you die and nothing happens, then how come you live now? Isn’t there a difference between being alive and dead? What do you think? If there is a difference, then what is the difference? What happens to the difference?

We all effect each other. We make ripple effects. So do you want a world that is in chaos where people are in pain? Or do you want an earth where everything is in balance and life goes along with nature and harmony?

What is your life goal? What do you want to achieve? Think about it. I am not asking you to do more than think.

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