Productive day

Yet another productive day, however no time left for blogging. I have now finally…. after a waiting period of all summer and autumn finally gotten my spouse and me to montage the new fence. I took the old one down in the beginning of the summer and couldn’t find me or anyone in the family or the neighbour to set up the new one. Today I said it had to be set up. We couldn’t leave the fence standing directly on the ground for the winter. It would be destroyed. What a waste of material and money. And the environment. Now the fence is up, standing there nicely built. I am so glad. So a new door and a new fence, what a difference on the house! Necessary. I have had a rotten fence for all the years I have been living here… yeah! I wonder how long the previous persons living her had the rotten fence? My neighbour made it worse. She put her fingers on it and made a hole…. not that nice on the terrace… with a big whole to the neighbours garden. Haha. Well she then “fixed” it… and I had a patch of a different colour on my side. It looked terrible. Imagine seeing that each time you are in your small garden… well anyways now it is finally fixed… after some years.

Well, I like productive days like both days this weekend have been. Some “must” are off my list. Thanks for that. Hope you also had a productive weekend, no matter what you did.

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