Life logging – the new trend – document your life without doing much

A company has developed a app for a little mini camera attached to your shirt. The camera logs 2 pictures/minute of your daily life activities. It takes pictures of other persons sitting in front of you.

I am just saying – forbid it. I do not want to be on others to see me, imagine survaillance cameras everywhere on the subway, all the time. Taking pictures of sexy women in front of you, or a man grabbing his balls. I am just saying. What if someone photographes my child on the beach, that is pedofili and illegal. I am just saying that cameras so small shouldn´t be allowed. I don´t like this new technology. I am afraid of people not respected each others integrity.

The spokes person on the NT webb-tv says they are going to ask people to be respectful. He is also going to document his everyday life with his family.

Oh mine. I think it shouldn´t be allowed in public spaces. I allready fel bad when the mobile camera has it´s eye towards me. I don´t like it. I don´t want to be on pictures I haven´t decided should be taken. There is enough survaillance allready. Can we not just be us, without documenting everything to easy?

Life logging with camera isn´t the only things on the market, there are runners keeping track on all their activities, my spouse also has fallen for that. My spouse has its own fan club following the training online. I am just saying… WHY???

I can undertand if you want to keep track, but why all these online usage and functions? There are also those that have others things as well. Source found below.

23rd of October Memoto launced the life logging camera Bisonblog writes.

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