The Alliance politics reflects the cities they run

Stockholm city is ruled by the Alliance. Alliance rules Sweden. The top reflects the public. Fredrik Reinfeldt’s politics have clearly shown that the elite should be premiered. The Alliance wants young “élite researchers” to be sponsored. They have a lot of strange attitudes and they seem to prefer the rich and gorgeous in all their politics. Just see the reforms they are making.

The Alliance has given lower taxes to the rich and higher taxes to the poor. Twisted right? Well, the majority of the Swedish population likes these politics, the rich get more in their wallets and the poorer get poorer. Some even are driven to kill themselves. The persons that are too sick to get a-kassa and to healthy (but really they are not) to get sick leave. And if you cannot work you are not allowed to have welfare. So in some cases the persons end up with no money and are driven to homelessness….

Well, now the Alliance ruled city of Stockholm has premiered the élite schools, the teachers there got 4,3 percentage of pay raise and in the schools, where the students have not gotten enough grades and test results, they teachers get less pay raise, 3,7 percentage, according to

The Alliance are very strange and only seem to continue premiering the rich. I think that Sweden should stop giving the rich more money and take more money from them. The poorer have it even worse now than before. Sweden’s welfare system is a joke compared to before the Alliance got majority at the elections. I think that the Swedish population should wake up and say STOP to the Alliance.

This madness cannot continue. What is wrong with the majority of Swedes? Is there no more solidarity? Don’t people understand that a teacher cannot be held responsible solely for a childs results in school? The child has parents. Should every parent in Sweden get less paid if their child doesn’t belong to the elite? What’s next on the agenda the Alliance? More discriminating politics and favouring of the rich?

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