Interviewers make integrity violations

More and more job interviews have integrity violating questions, according to If you don’t want to answer… does it mean you do not get the job?

I have been to maybe more than 200 interviews (maybe even a lot more) over the years. I have had some integrity violations. Some even made blood tests and piss tests. I let them. I wonder why? Actually the job was mine only if I passed the physical. So in fact I had no choice. I later quit that employment. I should never have accepted the job in the first place. When I think about it I think that I do not want to work anywhere where I am not allowed to have my personal integrity. Next time they want me to make a physical I am going to say no thank you. If you cannot accept me as I am I am not the right person for your company.

I do not think that my blood or piss is something I should have to give away. I can understand if they do not want drug attic. I think that an employer that discovers that employees are they want to say no to having anymore. But that is on the price that you have to give away your body fluids.

I am thinking of the people applying to be a firefighter. They got questions like “Are you happy with your sex life?” from the interviewers according to

I have been integrity violated at interviews. There are other type of interviews that people have to experience in life. It can be in other situations than a job interview. I have been violated at those.

I have also been violated at job interviews. I have meet interviewers that have made me cry. That have asked too personal questions. Some that have been like they were the judge and bullied even. I have taken action on those later one. I called the persons boss and said that with interviews like that I would never ever apply for any positions there and I would tell others I meet about that too. I would never use consultants from their company either I said. I have told others about that. I have never used consultants in my position from their company.

Well. What am I to say? I think that private life has nothing to do with work. I don’t associate with co-workers on my spare time when I work. I may start to when I quit, but otherwise I prefer to have friends separate from my work life. So during a work-relationship I do not associate with the workers on the side of the job. It’s better that way. Easier in fact. When I quit I just can leave the company and just not give a damn what happens to them.

I do not like when integrity loss is a fact at work. I want to keep work and private life separate. Let me and others do that.

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