It’s not easy to make the right choices

Sometimes we have to make tough decisions, even if we do not want to make them. For animals we have the possibity to end suffering, for humans it’s illegal in Sweden. But we can stop life support, that is somehow a way of help. I have a old pet. The last week this pet has gotten really sick. I allready knew that something was wrong a while ago. The vet told me in the spring. I got a method to make my pet gain back weight it had lost and the summer was fine. However the final 2 weeks the pet has eaten a lot and the body is shutting down functions I believe since the pet has lost allmost all it’s body fat. It has still been a lovely pet, but not this weekend. Now it’s time. Time to make a decision. I know this pet already understands. I put out the box asking my pet to go into it so the pet could have his eternal sleep. But my pet complained and with very shacky legs it didn’t go in. Went to try and drink water instead. I think my pet didn’t want to die today. We’ll see tomorrow. I don’t like making these decisions. I just wanted my pet to die in its sleep, with no pain, with no hospitals. Why don’t the vet make house calls? I wish the pet could be let do die at home instead of in a hospital room. I feel sad that my pet had to get this sick as this weekend. I was about to leave this evening, but I have a smart pet and its choice was to have one more night. We’ll se if it happens tomorrow or not. On Friday it will happen if it don’t happen earlier.

I wish I could have done something. But if the body is shutting down and the pets will to live isn’t enough to keep the pet alive and functioning there is not much I can do. But still my pet is a pet. Smart, intelligent, eager to do it my pets own way. One real smart pet if I may say. I think life sometimes is unfair. The body should just continue to work and then we should just die, but we seldome do. I have given the pet pain killers today… I do not know if the pet is in pain. If it is, then it isn´t now.

I didn’t want to put the pet down in haste. In the spring I thought the pet was dying and it recovered within a week, but this time… I don´t understand how my pet should recover loosing so much power and weight. It´s hard to make a decision like this. But I have to. I don´t want my pet, that has been a friend all my adult life, to be in pain or suffer. Well. It´s never fun. It´s allways difficult when a family member is dying. I wonder how long it would take for the pet to die naturally? I wish I had the answer and also if someone could say when the pet suffers. Right now the pet is still somewhat a pet and can still eat, pie, drink and such… but it´s very oldish in style. Like a old, old, person.

Well. Live if full of tuff decisions. Not all fair. Not all black or white. But I try not to do things in haste. I live to regret in haste. So instead a little more time. We only have one life as us.

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