Like I said… Facebook is dangerous

In that sense that you are giving away too much information so to speak. Internet is dangerous. Do you really understand that all systems are keeping an eye on you?

There are spiders tracking the likes you have made and setting up profiles of you based and those. With this information they can say what political view you have, what sexual preferences you got and what religion you belong to and if your parents are divorced.

Add Google’s traces of your web activity to that, add your card transactions to that, add your taxes, add your grades etcetera. Add you gender, your parents, your family, your friends, your pets etcetera.

It’s pretty easy to know who you are. Add your medical records. Well, what do you have left? Your thought? No, think again, all your traces on your internet traffic… from your ISP provider. Okay know they know exactly who you are.

So do you still feel your thoughts are yours? Do you still feel like nobody knows who you are? Do you still feel like you are choosing your own actions? Are you sure? Are you sure I haven’t changed all advertisement for you on your way to work? Are you sure I haven’t checked your way of shopping with self scanning in the store? Are you sure I do not know everything about you? Who has the power to know everything about you? Someone with authority and available resources of course. Who has that? Government employees? People with money? People with power? What do you think. Replace I with anything. Is I the state, a company, a person and just anything?

Do you still feel safe behind the computer? Are you sure?

The thing is you have no idea. The thing is who programmed your operating system? The thing is who programmed all your applications? Did you download the application for free? Is anything in life for free? What are you giving away in return?

So what do you think? Did you get your USB device for free? Do you know who made the USB device? Are you sure?

What I am trying to say, it’s pretty easy for people with knowledge to get this information. They can have resources, either they have brains or access somehow. By having that they can really choose to find out anything they want. You do not need to much skills to get your hands on just some information.

This is why I do not trust systems. That is why I like control. That is why I do not like functions for tracking. That is why I want to redesign browsers, hardware and the Internet totally. I wish there were no possibilities to get any info out of the computer. I wish there was no way of recording or tracking my moves on the Internet. However there are. Nobody is Anonymous as they think they are. Everything can be tracked. Are you sure nobody is watching you from a satellite?

I am not saying anyone is. I am just saying it’s possible. And then I am saying IT SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE!

So what can you do? Write blogs, talk, inform and write new legislation proposals, get involved in politics, vote, hand out flyers. Do peaceful actions. If I can – you can.

Go out there – change the world. You can.

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