Camilla speaks about the affair

In todays there is a long and intriguing article. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s well written and Camilla tells us interesting things. She talks about her background, life, her modelling career, her music career, her downfall and her diagnosis and everyday life. I think she has had a very interesting life. I would very much enjoy if she wrote a biography of her life. I hope it’s well written as the article was by the journalist interviewing her. Both played exceptional parts in the creation of the interview.

Camilla is the black beautiful women on the table in the Satire image about the Swedish King, Kungamiddagen (The royal dinner). I have written about that last week. You are welcome to browse old articles and read it. Interesting stuff actually.
The article in also shows that the King and the elite has a twisted sexual view and a non Swedish outlook on life. After all, not all have the resources and money they have. Of course they can live on the edge with more glamour, parties and such. And back then the King was younger, now he is a grandpa and probably not that much of a party animal today… but then I do not know the King.

However I think our new becoming head of state Victoria – she is no party animal. I think she has a much more state like behavior. Well behaved and proper manners. I like her. And then, she is a women… that is always a plus ;O).

To Camilla I want to say good luck and I hope she writes a book about all of her life til today. And then I hope she creates her own future.

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