There was once a girl…

… that got a cancer diagnosis with a death sentence. Her name was Sanna and she lived in Gothenburg, Sweden. She was 22 years old and a student. When she was a couple of years old her father died. 2 years earlier she stopped to associate with her mother since the mother had alcoholic problems. Sanna had never been sick before. So she contacted CSN to ask them what she was supposed to do. She had to take a leave during the treatment from her studies. She asked them what to do and they replayed she had to start paying back her student loan immediately since they had no other option available for her. And if she was going to die they wanted it all back immediately all at once. So she went to Försäkringskassan. She said she had to go on sick leave. Försäkringskassan told her they couldn’t give her any money since she was a student and had never worked before. Then Sanna went to Socialkontoret to ask for welfare. They said she was to young and that her parents had to support her.

Finally she got to apply for the welfare. She had to be humiliated at the Gothenburg Social welfare office and they asked her to undress and then they measured her body to see how much food she was going to eat. What the fuck? I have never heard such a thing before, must be something the Alliance has burdened the system with. Humiliating in fact. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it and I have worked as a welfare assistance assistant. I have never ever asked someone to undress. I was pretty upset and sad when hearing this girls story.

I just say. What the fuck!!!? The Swedish system is fucked up. Students have no rights what so ever. This is Sweden in a nutshell. The promised land… but we do not care for the different from the norm, you know the ones that cannot work, that are, sick, old… or just different. The society of the elite, were all workers are average Joes and Anne’s with no sicknesses. I just say. There is no empathy in the Alliance.

The story was available the 16th of October 2012 at YouTube, but not when I rechecked this article 2014. But perhaps YouTube has it stored, this used to be the link:

Now the film is removed, but the information was found on the below link at date specified. (20121006)