The Dos-attackers say they are not going to attack health care… and yet they do

I understand that the hackers the past days have no real knowledge of how the systems work. In a interview the 18 years old self appointed spokes person in says they are not going to attack health care, yet beneath the article there is a list with information that Socialstyrelsen has been attacked. Socialstyrelsen happens to be involved in national services and the gang doing the illegal activities have no idea of how the national systems are grouped. So yes, Socialstyrelsen has systems connected to them. Actually many of the Swedish systems are grouped in a web with a lot of threads to different systems. Socialstyrelsen has important systems that health care is connected to. So Dos-attacking i.e. Socialstyrelsen actually can affect the health care systems. This clearly shows that these persons have no clue. I happen to have knowledge. So I know what I am talking about. So I really hope these boys (must be boys..since they seem so naive, I know I am bias… there might be girls too… but I rather think there is not) stop this madness and use their knowledge to good instead of illegal bad activities.
I think you make no sense – attackers of no sense.

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