Google says their intentions are good

Of course they have the best of intention, after all Google is famous for the words “Don’t be evil”. Google Analytics supplies a demand for us site owners. Site owners use it, even me has used it. Of course we want statistics on were our audiences are and such. But I think that browsers and operating systems today are built the wrong way. They shouldn’t give any information more than a hand shake that they want to read a website. Then the traffic should be anonomyous. But today it’s not like that. Actually Google Analytics can tell me your unique IP, with that I can check out exactly where your node is located that you are connected too. That can however be further away from your actual location depending of the structure of the ISP’s settings of their network. But with this information I could use social engineering and such to get a hold on your identity. And if you have a fixed IP adress the tools available would really give me your location and sometimes even your name. Well, I am just saying this information is sensitive. And by mistake you might visit suspiocious webpages. People with bad intentions are everywere.

Well, anyways, Google says that they only want to provide a tool for statistical analysis in todays On the question how many has access to the special tool that can get all statistics at Google doesn’t seem to get an answer. My guess is that they do not know. They do not know since they probably do not have structure and order on that type of information. This is something I happen to know is common in many IT buisnesses. Structure and organisation is “booring” and development is much more fun. Let the programmers decide and wild wild west is in action. This happens to be more true than you can imagine.

Well, I want to see if they have processes discribed. And how they store the access-trusted people and how they choose passwords and such. Also I would like to know about the logging of access to the system. I would also want to see how unavailable these servers are for crackers and hackers.

Even if the personel with access should be intergrity guards…are these people safe guarded? That means that they shouldn’t be able to talk about what they work with. Others shouldn’t either. However if it is secret like that I do not know. If it is not it should be. After all… we are talking about MANY websites over the world and MANY world wide users. Sensitive information.

I think that Internet should be constructed totally different, so that noone could get the information. I want another type of information given to websites. That is a information that YOU are willling to give. However today it is not like that.

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