They produce your cheap clothes

They work for minimum 11 crowns/day and work 6 days a week in Bangladesh. 1 kr 40 öre per hour the journalist says. They sit close to each other since they work faster than according to the owner of the factory, according to the film in The factory says that many want to work overtime, to earn more, according to the film (see source).

Why doesn’t HM pay higher salaries? They don’t want to do that since they do not want to offer more than someone else does in Bangladesh. That is just fucked up. HM should still do it, then the other factories would have to give more too, since everyone would want to work for the highest paying factory. I think HM should drive the salaries higher, not waiting for others to join.

Someone needs to lead. I am thinking it could be HM. So why are they not? The reasons given doesn’t seem right.

Source 20120923: