Facebook removes face recognission software for EU

In todays DN.se the header says that Facebook is going to remove the Facebook-recognission software from EU. However removing the function from tagging publicly, does that mean that the function will not search the European Union member countries citizens? I wonder. I still think the software is on, even if the function is not available for users. I think that the images shouldn’t even be allowed to be scanned by any system. I wonder if this means it isn’t?

I know enough to know that systems still can have the functions turned on, even if the users cannot use them. So is this just “for show”? Is the software really not being used in any sense? I don’t trust Facebook. They have been waging war against users for too long.

So what can this facial recognission system be used to? It can be used to identify you and all your friends on Facebook. Imagine having such a tool. The one with access to Facebook database can know who anyone is. Who can, if they want, see anyone in the world? A satellite operator of a really advanced satellite. Mapping that to Facebook’s facial recognission software can identify anyone available with their real name on Facebook. And even if you are using a non real name, still your friends are not… so finding out who you are isn’t that difficult in the end. Social engineering could “burn out” anyone really. Social engineering is easy, even you can do that.

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