2 year old girl threatend by exile alone to France by Swedish authorities

The Swedish government, this is the Alliance, say continuously no to changing the laws surrounding exiling of children, according to DN.se. The law has some room for letting children stay. “Synnerligen ömmande omständigheter” actually could let the children stay. There is a lot of research surrounding children in foster care and adoption. This research has shown what problems children get if they are in for instance moved, living in group homes and so on.
So if this research shows something like moving a child from a safe place is bad for the child’s adult life, then I think that it goes under the laws “synnerligen ömmande omständingheter”, yet the interpretations of that clearly want to move in example the little Algerian girl with French citizenship all alone to France during her crucial personality development period. The interpretations at the authorities are clearly not having children’s best interests in their minds. I think the law gives room, still they exile children from Sweden with parents that Swedish authorities have considered to be unfit parents, according to DN.se.

BO (Children’s speaker in Sweden) has called in for a meeting considering child welfare and the 2 year old girl that Sweden wants to exile alone to France. In fact Sweden has not integrated the Child convention in to laws. This is why I even think that this is happening, us exiling children without considering the children’s best interest.

An article in Expressen, by Orrenius, talks about a growing haterate in Sweden against the authorities doing the exiling of children. I can understand this. I think the authorities many times are interpreting the laws differently than the legislators had in mind. The authorities in question for the 2 year old French citizen clearly show that they are interpreting the law differently than me. I think the law offers the best interest of the child if the authorities consider research that is available “synnerligen ömmande omständigheter” is usable. It’s research that people in the authorities already know about. In Stockholm the authorities teach the adoptive parents in what is best for the child and why children are not going for international adoption in the first place. If they can teach it, then the authorities involved in trying to exile the 2 year old should have availability to this information too. After all, it’s well known facts.

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