See the Muhammed movie

On youtube you can see the Muhammad movie that has caused so much violence in the muslim world. I just say, why even bother? I think it´s just bad acting. It´s made like a parody and it´s really nothing to get hiped about. It´s just freedom of expression. Nothing to be afraid of. They have taken stories and tried to show them in their own interpretations. Interpretations are freedom of expression and speach. There is nothing to fear in that. I think they are making bad expressions and story telling. But that is nothing to be afraid of. I can understand that people think it´s bad acting, in my eyes it is bad acting. By making something as sloppy as this it becomes irony. If the same scences had been made good the same scenes wouldn´t have been considered so sloppy and so ironic. I don´t think the reaction would have been the same then. There are parodies about Jesus too. Nothing to be worried about. Nothing to even get angry about. People have the right to speak their mind. See the movie (film) yourself on this link below.

Has the riots really been worth the deaths of 10 persons (source I think not. No killings can be justified this way.

The movie is gone, this is the trailer:

Source: (170104)

Read about the protests against the above film here:

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