Some people critic just in vain

Imagine your boss saying: “You are really competent in X, Y, Z. But you are pretty bad at “bla bla” (some kind of personality issue), but many like you very much. I like you very much.”

I dislike these conversations. You are really good, but you are really not perfect. That is what employers in Sweden today expect, perfect personalities. That is ass kissers. Mirroring.

It’s not enough to be professional, nice and really good at your area. Today you must be super socially skilled. It’s so sad that employers in Sweden cannot accept differences, or really the bosses usually accept more than the employees. What is wrong with many people at Swedish work places? Especially work places with old hierarchies have this problem, places with structures where the majority does not want to work effective and smart. You know those places where three people are needed to do one persons job. Places with ineffective work that might be unorganised. It’s like this at many places. It’s those places where it’s difficult to tell the employees to work a certain way and so on.

And those places need to change the most. It’s places like this that shut unliked people out, those that are a little bit different, even though they are smart and professionals.

I dislike that we use state money this way. Waste them in ineffective methods. I think the welfare state should be effective. Having private solutions isn’t any good idea. Today many state finances private and public work places work in several systems and it would be more effective to have ONE system for one task in all of Sweden. It would be much more effective than what we have today. Today we have several different systems for the same purposes. We pay licenses and development for each and every one. That is ineffective. That is a waste of money. But when making these changes it requires more effectiveness. Work is being done, but it’s changing to slowly. It should speed up. People doing this change are messengers in many cases and having such a position is very difficult, some shoot the messenger. They critic the messenger instead of changing themselves. Accepting that people are different. They try to flush out new people so they can continue work there old ways… not seeing the benefit of everyone working the same way.

There are benefits in similar processes in companies. The processes can be tuned so they are even more effective. Not having the same makes tuning more difficult, even sometimes impossible. Try steering a ship where all the engines work different times and are not synchronized.

Well, enough about that, but people shouldn’t be afraid of change. Sometimes it’s better, and if it’s not then it can be changed again, hopefully to the better. Do not critic someone for being themselves. If they are a nice person, accept them as they are, don’t complain about them. Accept that people are not perfect. Some people cannot work on the work market if you continuously flush every different person out. As long as the person is not mean and incompetent totally you should accept them as they are. Be more open-minded to differences.