Jesus had a wife?

Well, it was common to be married and have children, if you could, around year zero and forward around the time Jesus lived. The Bible doesn’t describe Jesus life, only the end and the beginning are clearly described. The rest are stories about other people.

Well. In todays Aktuellt 21.00 they said that proof had been found that says Jesus had a wife. I looked it up and the origin is a researcher at Harvard. In N Y Times a historian has been said to have found a piece of papyrus that referrers to “The Gospel of Jesus wife”. Well, if now Jesus was married then why cannot priests and nuns also marry? Well, maybe they want to be celibate and do their work of God? Maybe their love to God is enough? For some it probably is. Earthly love isn’t for everyone and we are all free to choose if we want to find love or not.

So for me it’s not a disaster if Jesus was married. The interesting thing is if there are living great … great grand kids to Jesus. Waow. That would be cool. However we do not have Jesus DNA so we can not really know, even if someone would say they where his grand children x many. So we may never know… the truth is always a changing thing.

New things are found everyday and the world map continues to develop.

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