The Finnish feel inprisoned in the Euro

Imagine that you are two families with the same income. Imagine that you have the same amount of persons in that family. One family lives in a mansion whilst you live in a little house. Imagine you having to pay the housing for the mansion too. That is how I see the European union, as well as all public areas that arrange James Bond parties. I see it as a well-managed family that lives by it’s income has to pay for a big spenders life. It is not alright. I would feel better if my money would pay my house and maybe give a room to additional people, but not for others putting on big spender money spending my money on shit.

So I do not like Greeks spending more than they earn and us having to pay for it. I do not like the Swedish SÄPO or any other state financed institutions wasting our tax payers money. I just think it is wrong. I do not mind giving food or a basic housing for others, but I do not like it being used for shit or extra comfort. I want the tax money to being used wisely.

I can understand Finish people for feeling like they are on slaveboats within the Euro, the header meaning was something like that in today. I voted no for the European Union. I voted no for the Euro. I think my choices where the best. I didn’t get one wish, but I did get the other and for that I am thankful. Sweden should keep out from the Euro. Even if we do, we are still contributing in financing the crises in other European countries like Greece. I think that the Greeks where wrong from the beginning to spend more than they had in income. That is the real mistake. I however do not want anyone to starve and I do not mind giving food. However I do not wanna pay for any swimming pools or luxury items.

I think the Euro was a bad idea since the countries have so different economies. Only healthy countries should have been accepted. Then we wouldn’t have had any Euro-crises.

The article in says that the interviewed want the Finnish tax money to help Finland. I can understand that, that is the key point for me voting no to the European Union. However I wasn’t part of the majority in Sweden, so I had to see the waste of Swedish tax money going in to European Union each day. I do not mind having cooperation around laws, since that can be beneficial for the environment in those laws that look out for the environment. However that is not the case with all the legislation in EU, sometimes the laws are harder and better in Sweden. In those cases I think the EU laws are worse for the environment and work against the Swedish laws. I only think that “harder laws” in EU should override the membering countries laws, however this is not the case I am unfortunate to say.

I think that EU shouldn’t be used to transfer money from one country to another. I think that we should work together around environmental laws, laws on import and export and such that effect everyone in EU. I however do not think we should give a Swedish tax payers money to a farmer in another EU country. I think that money should go to the Swedish welfare system. We have problems, poor people and such in Sweden too. I think that all money wasted from tax should be well spent, so it benefits everyone in Sweden. That is the problem with EU that the money paid in Sweden by high taxes doesn’t just build up Swedish welfare. However as long as Sweden isn’t on top in each area I do not think we should continue transferring our money out of Sweden. However this is being done every day. And we have i.e. Landsting that have really bad economy.

Well, this is just an article about EU and the Euro and I won’t continue to give any more information now about this. I just wanted to say the system is used wrong in parts and I would like to improve them. In some areas we should corporate, but I do not think EU is the right way or optimal. I however think we should have similar laws around human rights, environment, work and so. This is being done also, but I do not like the fees to EU. I think that law legislation does not need that much money as is going in to EU right now. The system is wrong. The laws created are overriding better laws in membering countries. There is much improvement to be done. EU should have a new scope.

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