I haven’t talked much about the Wikileaks leader

I happen to believe in the legal system and that it should be followed. I happen to think that Wikileaks leader should be interrogated by the Swedish police. I happen to think that the women supposingly raped should get their day in court. If he is guilty he should be prosecuted, because rape is a terrible act to anyone no matter how famous you are or whatever job you do you cannot stand above the law.

If I have understood it right Sweden has not gotten any request by the US for him, so therefor the Swedes cannot answer any such question, there is no warrant or request from the US here in Sweden. Maybe he is guilty or maybe he is not. But he should have his day in court and interrogations should be done. Without them the Swedish legal system cannot know. What is he afraid of? Is he guilty?

Sweden is a civilized country so I cannot understand why he is scared of coming.

Well, so the persons attacking (DOS-attack (belastningsattack)) Swedish government sites I happen to think are doing wrong (source: DN.se). The legal system must take it’s cause. And Wikileaks leader does not stand above the law. We are a democratic country and this is the law that we have decided, so being in Sweden everyone visiting must accept the laws of Sweden. Even he. So why attack Swedish sites for a suspected one? He must be interrogated like everyone else must be.

Democracy must rule.

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