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Well, I think that the company responsible for Neurosedyn should have apologized a little bit earlier than 50 years later to all groups effected by the drug. The drug was given to pregnant women for feeling nausea in the 1960’s in Sweden and not until today all groups affected by the drug have gotten an apology, according to The article also says that the Swedes got money in a deal 1969 for the children born with defects caused by the drug. The article also says that they have been sued in many countries and that they therefore are apologizing.

I happen to think that if we have tuffer legislation surrounding new products for consuming in quality assurance and certifications like ISO then I believe that fewer people would continue to get hurt. I think that a drug or any substance really in food etcetera should be extensively research on human tissue before they would be let out on the market. However this is not the case for many types of food or substances in food.

In many cases things we know to little about what is let out on the market, in instance NANO-particles. NANO we know very little about the affects about and what we do know is alarming. Still these particles are found out on the market in products from airplanes to skin creams etcetera.

In I could read that the victims don’t consider the apology to be worth so much. Some of the injured children are now in their 50’s and some have never seen any money for the injuries the article also says. One man in the article says that the drug company should pay money for all the suffering many of the children had to go through. Some have never had girl- or boyfriends, some where given away, the article says.

It’s sad that the children still haven’t gotten economic compensation for all the difficulties the injuries has caused them. After all their handicap won’t go away. It’s also a trauma for the mothers, many probably blame themselves for taking that pill… and probably some doctors also wish they wouldn’t have recommended the pill. Many factors led up to the scandal many, many years ago. Of course the children, now adults, should have economic compensation for not been given the correct possibilities in life because of that pill.

Drug companies pay a lot of money to the stock holders… but all the patients that are suffering? They are not considered as valuable as the stock holder, even though they should. After all without customers – no money. So that a company should take responsibility should be a normal thing for all companies, even drug companies, but the legislation isn’t formed that way and the companies don’t take the consideration themselves. Drug companies only seem to want to make money. I wish people weren’t so egoistic. I wish the goal was to help people, but in this world money rules. I think that is unfortunate. Many times customers are left without help, not just in the drug industry, other companies are just the same – egoistic.

It would be easy to change that and make companies MORE responsible. The politicians just need to step up to the plate and REALLY RULE the country. If the politics are reformed to companies being responsible for their products then the customer would have more power hopefully.

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