Wild cat

Yesterday I lamp came from upstairs to downstairs with a KADOOOONSSSSS… bang crash. And with the noise of it a cat (a really wild one) scared of it’s accomplishments. This cat is the craziest cat I have ever known. This cat is new to our family. It sleeps in the flower pots, on the poor flowers… I runs over the dishes, it steals chicken bones from eaten plates. It tries to bite me in the legs for fun. It runs outside when the door opens just for fun. It is indeed a wild cat. But at the same time it has a cetrain appeal and everyone likes the cat, even though it’s so wild. However it continues to break flower pots and such… and I don’t really like it. It’s bad or the environment to waste things by breaking them.

Well, hopefully the cat will mature and be a little less of a menace to our household and more of calmness and joy. I still love this cat, even though it´s the craziest cat I have ever known.

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