Love is blind and absolutely wonderful

Some marriages indeed show us that love is blind. Some marry over religious boundaries. Others marry even if beeing in different ethnic groups. Then there are those that marry no matter the age. There are different marriages over the world and who are we to judge them?

People do still judge. People wonder why a fat man can have a beautiful skinny women or vice versa. Others wonder why the really handsome guy has a ugly female or vice versa. Others wonder if she is his mother, when they are in fact the married parents to a 4 years old. Others think that two men are just friends, even though they are married. Some think that you have a husband at home if you are a women, even though you are married to another women. Some wonder if the 30-year-old women married that 70-year old man due to his money.

No matter what reason, they are still a couple and they love each other. As long as they are adults and loving someone with free will, who are you to judge their love? In today’s newspaper we can read about a women that is in her 40’s and she is married to a man in his 80’s. Together they have a wonderful daughter. The women is in a Swedish TV-show at TV3 (, Hollywoodfruar. (Hollywood housewifes).

The article tells us that one of her husband children didn’t believe the daughter was her husbands. DNA proved that he was. Its just sad that once children should comment so and disbelieve this way. I guess it’s somewhat hurtful.

But love has no gender, religion, ethinicity, looks – no love is pure in all it’s essance, some say it’s blind. Loving a soul is truly wonderful and I hope you have to possibility to experience soul loving.

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