Yet another celebrity child talks to much on the Internet

Maybe it’s time to teach our children about the negative aspects of Internet. I am teaching my pears at work. It’s time for society to teach everyone about the Internet, not just how to make accounts, but also how much is available. I think many young children and adults, as well as older ones have no idea of the impact of there uploads on the Internet.

This time it’s the child of the princess Mette-Marit from a previous relationship that has been uploading images on his page on the Internet and telling the family’s GEO-location. Not to smart to tell travel-plans, but then what do we expect from a teenager? The source for the info about Mette-Marit is found in However I think it’s the parents that should keep an guard on their children. Young adults is however more difficult. Some learn the hard way others are just lucky and nothing happens.

However maybe SVT and other public channels need to start educating about the Internet and all dangers. The children need to be shown all dangers that can happen if they do certain things, even adults.

Internet is so unsafe there should be a Internet condom on the computer, otherwise you can get any disease on your device. However there are no condoms safe enough yet…that are easy to use.

Source 20120822:—privata-bilder-spreds-pa-natet/

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