Many religions are discriminating in the texts

I was reading some parts of the Bible and I found it bad towards women. I in fact thought of the book as a little bit sexistic. My God is not dicriminating against anyone. My God thinks we are all equal. That’s more than both Islamic Coran and Christian Bible books say. The women is not the property of a man, just wanted to say that. Noone is the property of God or any Devil either.

I think that the confession where the user pledges that Gods will should happen on earth: “ske din vilja så ock på jorden” is very strange. This is against “fri vilja” (free will) that God is supposted to give everyone. Someone might argue that you are willingly giving the “trosbekännelsen” (pledge of faith) if you say it, but then I say we have a free will to believe without giving up our free will too. I really wonder if people haven’t seen these things that go against each other? The Coran is no better.

However I happen to think that people have written the books and not God. In fact, it’s also known to be men (mostly, some women too) that have written the texts. I happen to think the communication to God probably isn’t too good, not for God’s writers nor the profets.

I have less knowledge in the Buddhist religion and Hindu religion scriptures, so I do not know what these religions say about men and women and if all are equal. I however think that in the Buddhist religion they should be equal, but since I haven’t read any scriptures of the Buddhist I do not know. I happen to know about the culture in at least one hindu country and there the women are lower in rank too… if the religion stipulates that is however something I do not know. I can only say what I have seen and experienced. I think, even though the women where lower in rank, that the men seemed to be looking up to their own spouses though. Often they happen to be married off in arranged hindu marriages, at least all many of the ones I have known. It’s the same for the women and men. Many times the women’s family has to pay money to the mans family. In my eyes that is unequal. Maybe there are more things that are unequal within the hindu traditions too.

Well, many religions seem to be unequal.

I happen to think the books are history books, with stories about happenings, some true, others visualizations of what could be and even fantasies. I think they have a lot to teach though. I understand the person that is an atheist after reading some religious scriptures, some things are very difficult to believe in.

Like I have earlier said I have a hard time with things that are inconsistent and go against each other. A lot of religion does just that. There are a lot of inconsistencies within religions. Some religions, like the Devil worshippers, they don’t call themselves Christians, even though they are, they just happen to worship Satan instead of God. Devil worshippers have chosen to follow Satan, but since they believe in Satan, then they believe in the Bible too. Well, there are many things like this that are inconsistent.

The scientologist’s believe that we are all aliens and that we came to earth. Well, there is also a story behind it. I have read about it, but I do not believe we are aliens. We are all part of this universe. In the bing bang theory we all where just mass, energy and nothingness and then we developed into life on earth. If the cells came with a meteor or not doesn’t seem so important to me. We are living within the eco-system and therefore we are part of earth, even if we behave like parasites. Scientology doesn’t seem to treat non believers equal and that says something about the religion too. All religions that are somehow making others “less important” are on the wrong path, not just scientologists. This is all religions. However many times culture also treats some people less worth and sometimes it’s hard to know where culture is the reason of unequality and were it is religion.

In todays newspaper I have read about Iranian women forbidden to some higher education due to a old fashioned view that men should be smarter. However the men obviously felt threatened by their women in Iran since they forbid the women to read some courses at the university, according to What stupid men. What stupid government. What stupid way of acting. What stupid people to allow the government to do so. What stupid men. What smart women was so stupid she showed the man she was smarter? Ajaj. Unbelievable in 2012 but true. Incredible.

I can understand that an 2000 year old book or a 1600 year old book is discriminating in that world view that was present when they were written, but not in 2012. Iran’s people should know better. Obviously they don’t.

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