I was thinking of going to Kista this evening, glad I didn’t

There has been an incident there. A shooting in fact. This evening actually at 1900 hours. I was thinking of going there, glad I didn’t. It was on Jyllandsgatan, according to Expressen.se. I don’t know if it was outside the galleria or not, perhaps it was. Hmm. This is not the first time there has been shootings at that Galleria. It’s a big nice Galleria where you can play bowling, go to the movies, buy food, do some shopping for clothes and home decor, even technology and jewlery, eat food and so on… it feels a little strange that there are these huligans doing the shooting every now and then. The Galleria is in the middle of our IT center, high tech companies and engineers are common in that area. There are also university premisis as well as schools in the area. Many of the apartments are condoes, that means people own them. That goes totally against the shooters, who most likely are not engineers and perhaps they don’t even live there?

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