Tillväxtverket scandal increases – they take back money that they have once offered to new companies

Oh mine, Tillväxtverket seems to be a group of incompetent people, if we judge them according to their actions.

On Rapport, (news), SVT1, today a museum got money to be built. Now when it’s buildt and should start, then Tillväxtverket wants the money back. They are now saying that the building wasn´t done according to regulations. If that would have been necessary to have special rules for “upphandling” (offert/pricing) then Tillväxtverket should have written that in their first decision when they gave the project money. I don’t think they should come and want the money back.

After all a museum like Teknikland benefits a community and if they now must sell the building then this building maybe won’t benefit the community anymore. Teknikland might have to file for bankrupcy due to this. Bad politics in Tillväxtverket, just as the Alliance have politics.

I scratch my head for all Swedes that have to put up which such incompetent behavior in Tillväxtverket. Shame on Tillväxtverket.

Source 20120731:

http://www.svtplay.se/rapport (19.30 news used as source). (But 18.00 hours contains the same facts).