Swedes are killing themselves in after ripples of the Alliance politics

People that are sick are left without sick leave insurance after they “days run out” beacause of the new Alliance politics. These politics say that people are “well” a certain date, even though they are not. If they have a job, they must return. If they are unemployed, they must start a-kassa (unemployment insurance). There they have to either work or apply for jobs, even though they are sick. They must try so they can be evaluated. If they are too sick they can get sick leave again, but it´s difficult, some are “out of insurance”, but still considered sick by their doctors. Some are left without any income. To get welfare assistance people must not own anything, otherwise you cannot get any. These people must move, sell everything and live on the money left from that, if any. The rules can make sick people get more sick beacause of these rules.

These rules have made people kill themselves. The rules are inhumane. In this TV-show at Expressen.se below a man tells about how it is to get caught in these rules. He tells a story how the Swedish government gives a weapon to the people – so they kill themselves. He says that the new decisions take a very long time. The investigate if you are allowed to get sick leave again. They do the same thing all over again – this must cost money I am thinking. The person in the video tells us that its another integrity violation and you are being reviewed by a lot of people. Video is in Swedish.

Many of the sick people that get “utförsäkrade” feel hopelessness and all left alone out in the cold. Sweden has no welfare state anymore. Alliance is responsible and all the voters on the Alliance. They are behind all suicides due to these rules.

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