Boss for arrested – and later released – says everyone is going to get tickets

According to the CEO for has been arrested. He sold non existent tickets to concerts. People got scammed and could not see their favourite artists even though they had bought tickets. They got scammed and now it seems as the CEO is a suspect. He has been arrested for suspicion of fraud, according to

Update 20120809:

The CEO was later released, due to that they couldn’t prove that the company willingly sold non existent tickets. The company has also promised to compensate the ticket owners of worthless tickets to the Springsteen concert in Sweden, According to

If the company now sells “non tickets” by mistake I do hope they correct the problem. I don´t wanna buy non existent tickets to favourite artists… SO please, do a better job next time!

Source 20120729:

Source 20120809:

In this article he promises everyone is going to get tickets. They say they have learned from their mistakes (20120809):

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