Long lasting living for all new buildings and infrastructure

We are all living in a turbulent world full of nature disasters. So why do we continue building things in high risk areas? Why do we still keep building buildings that wouldn’t stand the test of time, nor the forces of nature, and that still use a lot of power?

I am of that opinion that a building should be able to stand earth quakes, tsunamis, tornado’s, floodings and so forth. If you build a house in an easily flooded area the house should be placed so it can stand a flood running through it. If you build in an area with risk for earth quakes, it should stand them without falling down. If you have a sea view your house should stand a 5 meter high wave of tsunami. Well, you get it. Buildings should be build to stand the test of time in both design and quality. Buildings should not contain any harmful substances for human, animal or nature. Buildings should be long-lasting in fact.

We can build houses that stand wind, water, shaking and so forth. The techniques for that exist too.

So why are we building shit that cannot stand the forces of nature or the test of time or with bad materials dangerous to animals, humans and nature? Greed, money, poverty, time is behind all these reasons. Some cannot afford it, others can but are greedy or indifferent to nature and so on.

All the eco-friendly techniques are available. All houses could be passive houses that need no energy from the grid. We would not need nuclear for regular housing if we just build smart buildings! But there is no incentive to do it. Politicians are all in the hands of the companies, lobbyists when they are creating the rules. Companies don’t wanna pay more money in order to build. They wanna earn money, if the contractor in fact isn’t a eco-friend. I however think all buildings should be eco-friendly and have passive technology. All houses should be built so that they do not need grid energy or nuclear.

Nuclear is a dangerous energy source. We humans cannot handle it. We have no safe way of keeping it until it no longer is dangerous. For every plant we are creating a new problem. The keeping of the nuclear demands safe areas. Areas safe from nature disasters and such. These are not many. We Nordic countries have mountains to keep them in, but the mountains are not endless and we do not even have space for all our own nuclear waste.

Still neighbouring countries are building new nuclear plants, what idiots. We need things that need less power. We need less nuclear. We need to figure out how to keep the waist we already created. We do not need to create new waist. We need more non dangerous energy like solar panels, wind turbines and such. Water power is an option, but not in all cases possible due to invasion of fishes natural habits.

So what do we need? All new buildings to be smart, eco-friendly and passive, self sustainable houses. That is the idea for the future.

How can we get it? All the techniques are here, we just need to start building smart! You need to talk, write and spread the word about what you want. If you want it and say it, others can get the knowledge and want it too. Soon all housing could be built smart.

It isn’t so smart to build so poorly like Beijing, China, has built. Their city is now being flooded due to heavy raining. It could have been prevented if they had used all there smart technology and planned their building a little bit better to the climate changes and green technology. This is not the first time Beijing in China has flooded, they could have started preventing new floodings. You can read about the flooding in related articles below.

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A film where they laugh about the flooding happening now in Beijing. Nervous maybe? Source: http://www.youtube.com