Culture crash (kulturkrock) for artist results in lawsuite

If a Asian country like India hires a western artist they might have to understand that the artist is a westerner. This means that what happens on stadge is normal for the artist and the artist homeworld. However some India people haven’t understood that we are culturally different and so they have made a lawsuite against Katy Perrys performance. They say she used to sexy moves in her performance, according to the article in

Oh mine, don’t they understand she is not from India? Probably her moves are accepted in our western society. Drop the lawsuite, India is embarrising themselves. Maybe we westerners should drop all our buisnesses with India since they cannot accept that all cultures are different? I am just wondering what their problem is? One has to understand that we are not the same and accept the differences, that means accept the western girl and her moves. After all they hired her, knowing she is American. If there is some way she cannot move around, then they need to tell that when booking, so that the artist can decide if it accepts the limits or not.

I myself think that it is very strange to show all your love handles on women around in India. But the traditional clothing does just that. Then showing the shoulders… what’s the problem? Maybe India needs to accept more tolerance and start renewing their view of sexuality a little? The Indian clothing style is rather sexy… I wouldn’t show my love handles to the world… but I don’t sue the Indian in Sweden for doing just that. I don’t even think its illegal to dance sexy in India, is it? I mean… Bollywood… they sure dance…

Well… that’s about all I have to say.

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