Why are Americans discriminating the Finnish?

I usually don’t talk much about the big country in the West, but when I see discrimination of a Nordic country I have to speak up.

I am wondering why I in DN.se have to read about discrimination of Finland? The American congress have said no to an american company to sell arms to Finland. I find it very strange. Finland is a Nordic country and is no threat to anyone. It’s a small friendly country up in the north of Europe. The Nordic countries are all much alike. A neighbouring country is in fact a NATO-country. That is Norway. Finland has border to Norway up in the north.

So I find it strange that USA will not sell arms to the Finnish. I however don’t believe in arms at all, but I do not like discrimination. After all Finland is a democratic country. I think USA is discriminating Finland due to their border to Russia. I think its wrong in every sense, I think that Finland should have the right to have arms for defense, especially with Russia bordering to it. Finland, is after all a EU country and it feels like our EU border has been discriminated!

Russia is not the ******* ruler of Finland, Finland has fought the Russian suppression for years, are the Russians dictators of other countries too? Finland and EU should be able to defend their borders!

USA should reconsider.

Update after reading the Finnish newspapers(20120718):

The Finnish had written the wrong model of missiles in their application to the American purchase, according to hs.fi. The Finnish Defense minister says it’s just a technical error in Yle.fi. They now say in the hs.fi that a new handling with the correct missiles will take place 4th of August. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. So will the Finnish be allowed to buy or not?

Or is this “reason” now given a after construction to keep diplomatic conditions good with EU and the Nordic countries? I think there is a lot we, the public, are not told in many cases. One can only speculate.

Source 20120718:




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  1. I think maybe just because Finland is socialist, the US thinks it is being controlled by Russia, a completely untrue assertion. In fact, the US should aspire to be like Finland: universal healthcare, free education through college, generous pensions, great unemployment welfare system… The list goes on. The US believes too firmly in capitalism though to acknowledge the Finnish example of a well run socialist system.

  2. Hello Varunbindra,
    Finland is a democratic country indeed. It is very much like Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The only difference from the rest (except Island) is that it is a republic and not a monarchy, but that´s about it. Sweden has a lot of immigrants from Finland. And Finland used to be Swedish and many Swedes emmigrated to Finland during those days. Finland has both Swedish and Finnish as native languages. So when discriminating Finland it´s like discrimiating all of Northern Europe.
    Yes, I know that education, health care, welfare, home care and such are in place in Finland and payed by taxes, as well as in our other Nordic countries. If it is, like DN.se presents, that Finland is discriminated due to Russia trying to bully US around, then the Americans after all are not a superpower anymore. So I therefor am wondering how come? Shouldn´t USA want democratic countries to be able to defend themselves?

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