Through comedy you can make critic of the world

Comedy is an art form. Through it you can do a lot of interesting things in order to change like public opinion, that is if you do it the right way.

I think this clip with Pasty Stone character from Absolutely Fabulous is clearly showing what people out in the real world really do. This clip is really about discrimination and judging someone for their looks or behavior. Far to often this happens. I have been subject to discrimination in stores. Of course Patsy character is taking it further, but still, there are store keepers like this. This critic was also made in Pretty Woman film.

Don’t judge a book by its cover statement is clearly viewed in this clip. See it and reflect. Next time you see something like this, please react, because if you don’t who will? Not reacting is accepting the world as bad as it is. Reacting is a way to change it hopefully to the better.


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