Interpret, understand and visualize

You need to interpret all you see. Then try to understand it. What is the message? Visualize the message. Do you understand?

You can interpret a lot of things, you only need to open up your mind and do it. You have the capability to do it. Do you know why? You have come this far, you are here, probably searching for something.

Entertainment? Knowledge? Eavesdropping?

Whatever the reason is I have a challenge for you. Jean-Michel Jarre has a lot of messages in his videos, I have chosen a video here. I do not think that he has created this animation though.

A lot of artist put messages in their videos. If not a message from the artist, then maybe from the producer, or like here – the animator. Since I do not know the whole story to this video – I do not know if someone gave the animator the idea and the animator just made it after description. Some want to give you their world view, others want to tell you and show you their inner thoughts, others want to show you something about the world, whilst some just want to test some artistic freedom, others have no message and just made a video to promote etcetera. Being an artist is many times being a critic. Not all of course, but many are.

So in this 3D animation, why has the creator connected a skull to the earth? Think a little. Why are there threads from the skull to the earth? Why is the earth broken and a little bit open on top? You tell me what the animator wants to say with the video.

The animator has put Jean-Michel Jarre music to the video. Why? If you don’t know, you can search the Internet and read about him. If you still do not understand, then ask. But I rather you think a little with your own mind.


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