Discriminate fat people – it’s acceptable at Liseberg

Liseberg is a amusement park in Sweden, for those that do not know.

I wonder where Liseberg thinks that fat people are not worth the right information. In today’s Aftonbladet.se a person is not allowed to ride 2 attractions they have stand in line for. The press asks them why they are not informed upon buying day passes that they might have issues riding attractions due to body size limitations. They reply that they in fact don’t want to have this information out, since it could be misinterpreted. So instead people should waste money and time on attractions they later on find out that they cannot use?

Is this the Facebook-mentality at work? Even a fat person has feelings and a fat persons time is as valuable for them as you. I think information should be given that if safety methods don’t work the person is not allowed to ride the attraction. Nothing in that sentence could be interpreted faulty or like discrimination. It is the nicest way to put it actually. I think Liseberg should reconsider and give the information prior in the ticket purchase material, as well as their website and not wasting anyones time.

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