Western society has a sick beauty view – bikini vax your child under 15 years old

Oh mine, I have to hear a lot and I have a hard time grasping the truth. A company, according to webb-tv at Expressen.se, in USA has targeted youngesters under 15 for their ad for bikini vaxing.

See the add at (20120708):


There is a problem when young children under 18 are targeted for beauty issues. Hair all over the body is natural. Somehow a women that does not shave in the western society is the odd one. Actually naturally it is unnatural to shave. I think that the one that does not shave is the normal one. I understand people who shave for other reasons than beauty. Beard can be uncomfortable, it can ich and such. I understand someone who wants to keep clean under the armpits, in order not to smell sweet. I understand if there are other reasons like that. All beauty reasons are due to the public opinion on female body hair, a twisted one, but still existing.

Grown women have to live with advertisement of shaving, but bikini vax for children under 18? What’s happening? All these demands reflect a screwed public view on beauty. In fact a sick view up on children. In many other societies, other than western societies, it is not normal to ask children to wax the bikini line.

Read nother article on the topic (20120710):


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  1. I don’t see the reason for which you called the western society sick!

  2. I mean you can see and you will see these kind of things all over the world even in the most strictly religious societies and countries which are not specifically western countries or USA.

    I agree with you that it is a sick behavior to use children for beauty issues and advertisement but all I want to say is that this manner is not specifically seen in United States or western countries you can also see such things somehow in for example in middle eastern or eastern countries.

  3. I am not saying it cannot be seen in other places. The advirtisment in this case is in western society and this is what the arcticle is an reaction on. I have studied on university level in these things and hair removal is very common phenomena in western society and widely spread western ideal. There is no conflict weather this can exist somewhere else, that is not at dispute.

  4. I know what you are trying to say and I got it, i just told you how I thought about this.

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