Secret societies

Many of the “secret” societies are not so secret. By this I mean that they are not a secret in the matter that they are unknown. The really secret ones are not known to the public. There are many so called “secret” societies are really out in the open, like Free masons, Frimurarna etc. Even though they are not secret, they are very much excluding, not including as a normal society is. You cannot apply for membership in Frimurarorden in Sweden. You must be recommended by two members. I have met members in Frimurarorden, I have considered them normal.  If they are “normal” for real, I really I cannot say. They appear normal. I can only see what is presented to me. What the clubs do inside is a secret to non members, if they do not get the information from a member somehow. So is excluding making them secret? I don’t know.

Frimurarorden is just one of so called societies that many speak of as “secret”, even though they are not. They are excluding private clubs with secrecy within their clubs. The problem is really all the secracy and even if they are not “secret” it is problematic when something uses exclusion and recommendations in order to get members to join. Alike recruit alike.

Then there a clubs you don’t know about. Clubs where you need to be recommended to be a member as well. In films there are clubs mentioned like “skulls” etcetera. I have a real knowledge that secret clubs exist. The persons in these clubs have privileges just like in the movies. They get top positions in the society and help each other. If you are elected within your educational field you are very lucky. A majority of the population is not selected nor invited to a secret membership with benefits.

I like clubs that are open. The open clubs, like Rotary, are open for debate and can be reviewed in another way than closed clubs. If you have nothing to hide, secrecy is not an option. So do you believe Illuminati still exits? If so, they have kept well hidden from the public. Or maybe they are in plain sight? What do you think? To hide in plain sight is the best hiding place.

Excluding is just another way of trying to differentiate some from others. It’s no better than bullying someone. Excluding is not including and that is bullying too.

If you can, why not try to get a membership in a secret society and really investigate? And if you find something or nothing, why not enlight the public? Do mankind a service. Expose the secrecy acts.

Do you think secret societies benefit the population? Do you think excluding is the right way? If yes to both, think about your reasons to why you want to say yes. Are you happy with your motivation to exclude some?

If you said yes to both and are happy with your decision I want you to then exclude yourself from the rest of the population. How does it feel?

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