Reading takes time

I have been reading about 40 pages in the couple of hours I had time to spend on the book between the job applications and normal life with all its must do’s.

I can almost feel the way around the company and some things I can even understand, since I come from the same industry. But she and I don´t have a similar background, I am more like here colleagues in competence, hence not working in that field though. I have however worked in strange work environments, with people like she is describing. So somewhat I can understand her feelings about the work place. So far it´s written pretty easy and maybe I will continue reading the book. If I wanted I would probably read the book within a week, but will see, I don´t know what comes along and pokes on my attention.

I also want to write a book, but I cannot get myself to do it every day. I am not much for one project to long… I wonder why? Maybe I am so used to change so that state is more normal than doing the same for to long… on the other hand I am used to do the same thing every day, so why not write a book? *Sigh* I don’t know, maybe my book would be to boring. I have a filter, I don’t wanna say everything, even though I am an open minded person. Actually if I would give a book I probably would let a lawyer hand it in… without my name on it. Being a secret author would suite me well. I would then do my deeds for the world with the money I had over, if I would be a successful author… haha. Well, since no book is oncoming, then this still will only be a non realised fantasy. Blogging is som much easier, isn’t it?