Anders Borg wants people to go to education to get welfare in Sweden

I was watching the news and then information about the current work market (Arbetsmarknaden) in Sweden popped up. The news reporter says something like (freely translated) “The less people working, the less money for public services and taxes that finance them”. “The demands on young people and people born abroad are crucial to unemployment (arbetslöshetssiffror) figures in Sweden”, says the news reader. Then the reporter turns to Anders Borg and asks if Sweden will increase the requirements for parental insurance, welfare assistance (socialbidrag) etc. Anders says that they must participate in courses, education and other activities in order to get parental insurance, welfare assistance etcetera. Anders Borg says that people must be trained so they quickly can enter the labor market.

Anders might be ideologically right but still wrong. Even though increasing the criteria in order for insurance and assistance people must have the possibility to get a job. For that there needs to be as many jobs as unemployed, today there are 10 persons unemployed (arbetslösa)

Anders Borg at press briefing, Ministry of Fin...
Anders Borg at press briefing, Ministry of Finance, Stockholm Svenska: Anders Borg på pressträff, Finansdepartementet, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on each available vacant job. This means that not everyone can get a job. Being without a job is often a distress for anyone, mentally and for some also economically. Some are forced to live at home for a longer period, others must live with friends or live in smaller apartments in order for their economy to work out. And even if they do they might still not have enough money for an okay life.

So I am wondering if Anders will create public jobs when he increases the demands on people for getting their livelihood? Participating in educational training is a good idea, but it will hinder the participants to search for jobs and go to interviews. Probably they will be allowed to take phone calls and go to interviews, but still the time left to search for jobs will decrease. It’s hard work to look for a job both mentally and physically, even economically in some cases. Every no thank you is a mental distress for many.

In Sweden we have so called “coach”-services that each unemployed can use, but I think that they know less than I for instance. I am a free helper for many in writing eye catching job applications and standard CV’s. I have helped some people, seldom a job coach has been able to come up to my level of writing job applications… after all that’s something I am really good at.The coaches are supposed to help the unemployed in mental coaching as well, but not all of them have been successful. Also they can only help in issues about looking for jobs and educational training and nothing else. Sometimes people have a baggage that they might need to get rid off in order to believe in themselves. Having a good self esteem is helpful in looking for jobs. It’s much easier for a person that is satisfied with life to get a job than one that is not, I guess. So maybe the state should offer a “complete package”, without records. I think people don’t want to tell everyone everything. Many people don’t want everything to be recorded. The problem with “Arbetsförmedlingen” and such is that they document everything. Many people don’t want to document problems that are passing over time. In order to get good self esteem people must be able to be anonymous. Often people cannot be that. There are no “AA”-like groups(anonyma arbetslösa) for unemployed where they can ventilate problems with stupid interviewers, strange questions from employers, problems with “no-thank-you”-letters etcetera. There is no forum for unemployed to feel good and meet others without documentation. It’s like the government with the ruling Alliance don’t understand the benefits of giving people good mental and physical health. Giving a gym card, good income during unemployment and good mental health will only benefit the public welfare. If people around us are happier and less worried about bills they easily believe in themselves. But the government in Sweden does the opposite, they hunt the unemployed with strange rules and regulations. In order for an unemployed to get a trip paid for an interview for instance they need to apply two work days ahead and must go by public communications (kommunala färdmedel). This means maybe 8hours away with no child care (förskola)… for some. Some employers also do not tell about an interview (intervju) one week in advance and therefore the unemployed cannot give 48hours prior to job interview. Since the current government has lowered the unemployment insurance (a-kassa) many unemployed cannot pay the couple of hundred SEK or more for the trip for the interview. Still the unemployed must look for work all over Sweden… and who is paying? The unemployed must pay in those cases where there are free jobs within the occupation in their home town (not the same as getting the job, the job is out on advertisement, they have not taken into account that there might be hundreds of applicant in their home town and the changes might be slim – they do not compare how many are unemployed in that category of applicants so this type of statics is a very poor comparison – still Arbetsförmedlingen uses this type of comparison). Also Arbetsförmedlingen does not take a good analytical view on the available jobs specifications, the person might not be qualified. But this is just one bad part of matching and trying to see the jobs. In this case Arbetsförmedlingen does a bad job. Also persons on child leave are not allowed to apply for Arbetsförmedlingens educations, even though the education starts when their child leave ends.

Maybe the rules are made to make unemployed childless, so they do not get children? This is also strange, since I thought that the state of Sweden wanted people go make children? But maybe they do not want some of the population to make children – especially they that are unemployed? The rules hinder people from getting a job. Sometimes a new education is needed and hindering people on child leave to apply for those educations that can lead to a job is just stupid. But this is a fact and how it is today. It’s not even certain that you can get interview trips if you are on child leave… you can definitely not get child care for a day on child leave for a interview. That is stupid too… the rules are really stupid in to many cases, these are just a few.

So Anders Borg, why create hindering rules? So why blind people to educational training, adult kinder gardens and such in order for people to get child leave insurances, assistance and such? I guess they are afraid of people wanting to be unemployed… ??? Who wants to have poverty? Just wondering…

So Anders are you going to create jobs? 10 applicants on 1 job… there are not jobs for everyone.

So why doesn’t the Alliance create public jobs? Oh, right, they don’t want public financed things… after all they are selling most of it away….

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The news program Rapport on SVT1 19.30 ( 20120328