The moderat party in Sweden makes people poor

The Moderates’ party politics has the consequence that it creates more poor people in Sweden. Previously, Sweden had a welfare policy whose purpose was to seek to even out income disparities and eliminate poverty. The “New” Moderat’s have never been, in my opinion, the party of the poor and low-income group. Somehow, however, the New Conservatives put their old party politics in the new words, although it has always historically been aimed for making life better for those with money – that the poor will cost society as little as possible – no matter the consequences.

The Moderat’s are however a party for the rich… or are they? They certainly give more money in the rich man’s pockets. Even if the higher income become unemployed they have better benefits than a low-income household. It’s pretty sad that the rich men in Sweden get more money in there pockets on the cost of the poor. In Sweden the poor, like retired, sick and unemployed miss out on the tax reduction for work and this gives the effect that the poor pay higher tax. Incredible. Shouldn’t the system help the poor? Obviously not, in Sweden the system helps the rich get richer.

So greed finally took over the majority of the Swedish population. Many might have thought “More money in my pocket” and voted after that. The Swedes that voted for the Alliance including the Moderat’s maybe did not care of the poor? I as a fellow human I feel pretty bad about it. I have given away my own money to poor people directly and through charity to help and do my part. I think this is bad. I think that a high income family certainly does not need a couple of thousands more, the money is better spent in a low-income family and their health, bills etcetera.

When will the Swedes that voted with a egoistic view realize that this is not the way of any religious belief, nor humanity, not even atheist.

Read about the growing soup kitchen at St Clara church at:

According to above article (20120317) the soup kitchen line is growing. Is this the new Swedish way? Going back to the dark ages where the poor must beg?

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